WSUM Sports members Alex Schuster and Vince Hesprich talk about all things sports.

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Bucks, Wisconsin Sports, NBA All-Star Weekend

Alex and Vince, along with guest hosts Jadius and Grace, voice grievances on Doc's early returns in Milwaukee as well as recap the highs and lows of Badger sports. Als...

Wisconsin Sports, NFL Season Review

Alex, Vince and guest host Ian recap a wild week of Wisconsin sports before discussing the best and worst Super Bowl commercials. Also, the trio gives thoughts on the ...

NFL Playoffs, NBA Contenders Pyramid, NFL Draft

Alex, Vince and guest Peter dive into the Joel Embiid controversy and grade Brock Purdy's playoff performances. The trio also separates NBA contenders and make a game ...

Bucks Coaching Changes, Wisconsin Sports, Packers Awards

Alex and Vince discuss a chaotic week of Wisconsin sports involving pairs of Border Battle victories and pairs of coach firings.

Non-Sports Takes, Sports Trivia, The Story of Rube Waddell

A two-hour version with a rotating crew involves numerous Christmas opinions, an unbelievably silly baseball story and a sports-related Christmas wish list. Originally...

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